Will a BikeBok Fit on My Bike?

The BikeBok has been designed to fit on a wide range of full-sized bicycles. The following guidelines will help you to determine whether your bicycle is compatible with a BikeBok.

Your bicycle should be a road bike, a hardtail mountain bike, a hybrid, or a commuter bike, with a standard rear wheel of 26 inch or 700c diameter.  The rear axle must be secured to the frame with a quick-release skewer.The BikeBok will fit with standard caliper brakes as well as the majority of disc brake arrangements.

If your rear axle has nuts, then the BikeBok will not fit. The BikeBok is not designed for a bicycle with rear suspension.


Bike Labeled for Bok Fitting

Measure the distances from A (center of bottom bracket) to B (portion of seat post available for clamp), from A to C (rear axle), and from C to D (junction of seat stays to seat post). Measurements within these ranges indicate that a Bok will fit your bike:

A to B.…… 20 inches to 26 inches

A to C…….16 inches to 18 inches

C to D…….22 inches or less


Tire sizes:
Mountain bike – 26 inch diameter, maximum width 2.0 inches

Road bike – 700c diameter, maximum width 40 mm


Seat post diameter:
1 inch to 1 3/16 inch


Axle length;
The BikeBok skewer fits standard rear hub sizes of 130 mm for 8,9,10 speed road bikes to 135 mm for 7, 8,9 speed mountain bikes.



We will be happy to assist you in determining whether a BikeBok will fit your bike. Email us with your questions and, if desired, with photos of your bike.

In addition, we may be able to help you fit a BikeBok onto a less typical bicycle style. We have successfully customized BikeBok attachments to fit a tandem and a recumbent. Contact us with your specifications.


100_3550 - Copy





Bok on tandem










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