The BikeBok Team

BikeBok, LLC is a true family operation. The BikeBok was conceived and developed by Peter Nehring; various other Nehrings have contributed ideas, photography, computer skills, product testing, and more.

Director – Peter Nehring

Peter, who took up serious cycling in his forties, applied his life-long ability for creative thinking outside the box to the creative engineering required for thinking out the Bok. He continues to head up the BikeBok enterprise as it moves from the conceptual to the commercial phase.

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Chief Web Officer – Michael Nehring

Michael, math whiz and computer programmer, started his first software company at the age of 14. He’s now an entrepreneurial work-from-home dad, who includes BikeBok web management in his multitude of diverse activities.

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Administrative Assistant – Beth Nehring

Beth, who has been breezing through lifeĀ in tandem with Peter for 30+ years, carries out behind-the-scenes BikeBok business such as balancing the books, blogging, and baking bagels and brownies.

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Official Mascot – Cola the Dachshund

Baroness Cola von Munchhausen is the family dachshund.            

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