What is a BikeBok?
A BikeBok is a bicycle luggage system suitable for all cyclists, from the occasional biker to the utility cyclist to the enthusiast. It is a weather-resistant hard-case rackless carrier that, when mounted on the bicycle, straddles the rear wheel and is secured on the bicycle with a rapid connection system. When off the bicycle with its handle extended, it acts as roller luggage.

What can I use a BikeBok for?
The BikeBok expands the activities you can do on a bicycle. You can use your BikeBok for shopping, camping, commuting, and more. The possibilities are limitless!

  • You can carry your school books in it.
  • You can load it with jumpropes and soccer balls and take it to the park.
  • You can put a change of clothes, including shoes, in it for work.
  • You can carry your laptop and your portfolios.
  • You can pack bread, cheese, apples, marshmallows, and chocolate, and have a picnic in the woods.
  • You can use it for trips to the post office, the library, the grocery store, the drugstore. 

Will it fit on my bike?
The BikeBok was designed to fit on a large variety of road bikes, hybrid bikes, cross bikes, utility bikes, and hard tail mountain bikes. Currently the BikeBok is not configured to fit on bikes with rear suspension.

The BikeBok connects to the bicycle at three points: each end of the rear axle and an adjustable location on the seat post. Refer to these specifications and diagram to find the range of wheel sizes, axle lengths, brake configurations, seat tube dimensions, and rear triangle dimensions compatible with the BikeBok.

With some modification, the BikeBok can fit on recumbent and tandem bicycles, and we will gladly attempt to arrange custom mounting arrangements for your particular needs. However, it is impossible to accommodate all the potential variations in bicycle frame and wheel configurations.

If you have questions regarding your bicycle, you can email us a picture for our comments and evaluation.

What is a BikeBok made of?
The hard case of the BikeBok is made of a recently developed plastic used in the kayak industry, known as Super Linear polyethylene. It has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, and resists deformation and tearing, and is recyclable. The shape is formed by the rotational molding process.

Additionally, each BikeBok is fitted with corrosion-resistant hardware: anodized aluminum and stainless steel. The lower connectors are made of Ultra High Molecular Weight polyethylene, known for its durability. The resilient wheels have ball bearings for smooth rolling.

How does it compare to other systems?
The BikeBok was designed to provide a new method for cyclists to transport items. Traditional methods include backpacks, messenger bags, baskets mounted to the bike, and panniers mounted to a rack which is mounted to the bike. These methods all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages Disadvantages
Backpack -Always stays with cyclist -Cyclist must support weight on back, resulting in a higher center of gravity and possibly a sweaty and uncomfortable back
-Contents may get wet
Messenger bag -Always stays with cyclist -Cyclist must support weight on shoulder, resulting in higher center of gravity and uneven weight distribution
-May swing from side to side
-Contents may get wet
Basket -Easy to load and unload -Cannot be easily removed when not in use
-Contents exposed to weather
-Aerodynamic drag
Panniers -Easy to connect and disconnect -Require a frame that remains on bike
-Difficult to carry when off the bike
-Easily damaged and tend to lose waterproof qualities over time
-Aerodynamic drag

The BikeBok:

  • carries items in a protective weather-resistant capsule which is easily connected and disconnected with no need for a supportive frame.
  • can remain on the bike, locked in place for security if desired.
  • can be removed from the bike and easily transported with its hinged handle and roller wheels.
  • is easy to clean.
  • has a narrow profile and is positioned behind the cyclist’s legs to minimize aerodynamic drag.
  • has a total volume is roughly equivalent to three large pannier bags.

How heavy is it?
It weighs in the range of 8 to 9 pounds. For comparison, two large pannier bags and a supporting rack weigh approximately 6 pounds, and such configuration would carry approximately ⅔ the volume of the BikeBok.

How much can it carry?
The lower portion can carry the equivalent of two grocery bags, and the upper lid portion can hold a small backpack or your helmet or a purse. While the BikeBok is quite strong and capable of supporting significant weight, the total weight should be limited to 40 pounds. Safety and handling are important concerns when carrying extra weight on the bicycle.  As a general rule, you should not load a BikeBok more heavily than you can lift with one hand; and you should observe your bicycle manufacturer’s recommended weight limits.

The BikeBok is not intended to support passengers.

Where can I get one?
The first production run is now available for purchase through our website. If you are local to the Whidbey Island area of Washington State, contact us and we can arrange an in-person installation at no charge.

How much does it cost?
The BikeBok sells for $299. It  is designed to be a high-quality, long-lasting accessory which can significantly expand the possibilities of utility cycling. The price reflects the durability of its components, the precision of its engineering, and its careful assembly.

Can I personalize it?
You can customize your BikeBok to express yourself! Its large sides are highly visible and can be utilized for individual creative artwork, company advertisements, and other graphic design. We welcome photos of your personalized BikeBoks to post on our website for the enjoyment and inspiration of other BikeBokkers.

The initial BikeBok will be available in one color only because our production runs need to be made in quantity. However, if your organization is interested in ordering 25 or more BikeBoks, we can accommodate requests for a specific color, stickers with your company logo, etc. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Are there other sizes?
It is currently available in one size. We hope to produce other sizes in the future, and welcome input from cyclists as to sizes that would be useful for your needs.

Where does the name come from?
When forming the company that makes this innovative product, we wanted a short, catchy, and easy-to-remember name. “BikeBok” rolls off the tongue, like backpack, rucksack, and picnic.  Also, the springbok is an African gazelle noted for its speed and grace.

What is BikeBok, LLC, and what is its business philosophy?
BikeBok, LLC is a small start-up company whose first product is this unique carrier system. Its mission is to enhance the utility of the bicycle by encouraging greater use of the bicycle beyond recreation and sport, with the net effect of reducing our nation’s reliance on the automobile.

We endeavor to design and manufacture a quality product with concern for environmental and economic justice issues. The BikeBok is designed to be long-lasting, with those parts that are subject to wear easily replaceable. The plastic and metal parts are recyclable. The labor and parts are sourced as locally as possible, mostly within Washington State.