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Jun 27

BikeBok to the Seventh Power

Seven Reasons I Love My BikeBok Now that the rains are less frequent, my bicycle excursions have been more frequent, and so has the thought, “I really love my BikeBok!” So, recently, I decided to document seven days’ worth of reasons why I love it. Day 1 My BikeBok easily and safely carried three heavy …

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Sep 03

Seattle to Portland with the BikeBok

Will the BikeBok perform up to expectations for the long haul in real life situations? Peter gave his a challenging test in the July 2013 STP. The Group Health Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic is a 200 mile annual bicycle event ┬áin which 10,000 cyclists ride, well, from Seattle to Portland. People of all ages …

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Mar 21


A prickly brown caterpillar becomes a spectacular black and red butterfly. A stalk-shaped polyp clinging to the ocean floor becomes a bell-shaped free-floating jellyfish. In my personal favorite instance of biological metamorphosis, a wiggly water-bound tadpole becomes a hoppy amphibious frog. In my personal favorite instance of creative engineering metamorphosis, an ordinary mass-produced household item …

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